serena loopy

*Viewers who tuned in today to watch Venus and Serena Williams play a doubles match saw something they’ve never seen before.

They saw a loopy Serena appearing to be suffering from some sort of breakdown.

Well, according to Wimbledon officials after the match, Serena was suffering from a “viral illness.”

It was obvious that something was wrong because during warm-ups, Serena had a lot of trouble hitting balls and even looked uncoordinated trying to pick balls up.

She even had trouble tossing the ball up and was dropping balls during warm-ups.

serena loopy1

It was noted by ESPN commentator Chris Evert that that Serena was not well when she first came on to the court, saying Williams looked “wobbly.” Evert also noted that Serena just did not look like she normally does for a match, pointing out that Williams wasn’t wearing any eye makeup.

Here’s what Business Insider is reporting:

Serena went to the sideline where she was met by Wimbledon personnel. She appeared to start crying as her sister looked on.

ESPN commentator Pam Shriver said that it looked like Serena was “having a breakdown, both physically and emotionally.”

After a 13-minute delay, the match started even though it seemed there was no way Serena could play.

Serena still looked out of it. But it wasn’t until Serena’s first serve in the third game when things got ugly. She couldn’t toss the ball on her first serve.

At this point, Evert and Shriver were questioning why Serena was even out there. When she did finally hit the ball, it barely reached the net.

Shriver questioned whether Serena had taken something. “This is not an illness,” Shriver said. “It’s almost like she has taken something that makes her feel dizzy, disoriented, and she cannot reach up and strike the ball.”

The chair umpire came out to talk to the sisters, looking very concerned.

He was convinced to let the match continue. But when that game was over, the sisters walked off hand in hand and withdrew from the match.

After the match, the ESPN commentators continued to question if Serena had taken something.

“It will be interesting,” said Evert. “Is it a virus? Is it something unintentional or intentional in her system that they may drug test for?”

However, Wimbledon’s official twitter account reported that the referee’s office called it a “viral illness.”

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