stephanie-mills*Despite a successful 20th anniversary with record-breaking attendance, the Essence Festival will be without a major talent in the future as Stephanie Mills vowed to never perform at the annual event again.

Mills was among a star-studded line-up of vocalists  and speakers who performed and appeared at this year’s event in New Orleans. Although she thanked those who ventured out to see her, the award-winning entertainer, who captured the public’s attention when she played Dorothy on Broadway in “The Wiz,” was less than pleased with the folks in charge of the festival. As a result, Mills, who’s voice and catalog of hits have endeared her to theater and music fans over the years, aired out the disrespect she endured at the Essence Festival Tuesday (July 8) via her Facebook page.

The following is Mills’ Facebook posting in its entirety:

Thank you to all of my fans who came out to see me at Essence. I’m Never performing there again. The people who run it are not nice people. They are mean, rude, disrespectful, unorganized and wouldn’t even let my people who worked on my show in (my hairdresser). They even told me that I wasn’t a big enough name to play the main stage. – Stephanie

Dr Dre wears a pair of Beats headphones

While Stephanie Mills calls out the Essence Festival for their lack of organization and professionalism, Dr. Dre is putting his enemies on blast in a different way on an international front. reports the hip-hop billionaire is legally taking matters in his own hands to put a stop to vendors in China who have profited off sales of counterfeit “Beats by Dre” headphones, using his red “b” logo. According to the site, Beats claims various websites based in China are taking in major revenue from the fake headphones the alleged tune of $135 billion.

As a result, Beats by Dre is suing to stop the sale of the fake headphones and get ownership of the domain names of all the websites selling the phony headphones. In addition, the company is voicing its desire for all profits made thus far by the Beats counterfeiters.