stevie-j & joseline-hernandez*After more than a few ups, downs and constant drama, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta‘s” Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are no longer together.

According to TMZ, the reason for the split was evidence Stevie found that proved Joseline was cheating on him. The music producer claims that Joseline was messing around with several rappers, the site noted. Stevie, who he found out about Joseline’s cheating ways two days ago, tells TMZ that he had enough overwhelming proof of Joseline’s infidelity. So much so that he went ahead and dumped her.

In addition to TMZ, Stevie J made it known about his breakup with Joseline via Twitter. reports the issue came up when a fan asked the hitmaker what one of his worst habits was.

Stevie J replied back, saying one of his habits was loving people who hurt him. Stevie retweeted a reference to Joseline from another fan, who called her the Puerto Rican Princess, saying: “I don’t have one of those.”

Stevie J and Joseline’s split comes days after , Joseline tweeted about her and Stevie’s latest appearance together this past weekend. That same weekend also included a serenade from Stevie to Joseline at a show during BET Awards weekend.

As of late, the couple has been plagued with rumors of Jaoseline being pregnant from a secret affair with rapper Rick Ross.

Despite his own fidelity issues, a source tells that news of Joseline cheating on him came as a complete surprise to Stevie J.

Stevie didn’t know she was cheating on him, and since he uses condoms, he didn’t think she’d end up pregnant,” the source said. “But when he learned of her scandalous ways, he confronted her and she basically told him what was going on.”