warren sapp

*The Florida waitress who didn’t get a tip from Warren Sapp has gotten nearly $100 in tips from two strangers who heard about the story, reports TMZ.

The owner of the Upper Deck Ale and Sports Grille in Florida says so far two people have called to make sure the waitress, named Corey, was “taken care of” after Warren offered zero gratuity on his $69 meal Tuesday.

One person left $30 for Corey. The other left $60.

Yesterday, the manager told TMZ that the waitress would be punished for appearing to post Sapp’s receipt online. But it was later revealed that she sent the photo to her sister, who later put it on Facebook.

Today, the owner tells TMZ he has reviewed the surveillance tape from the encounter and says Corey’s service that day was “phenomenal.”

“[Corey and her associate] checked on his table 22 times.”

The owner says Corey will still face punishment for taking the photo and sending it to her sister, but she will NOT be fired.

“We’re probably going to do a one week suspension.”

As for Warren, he claims he’s justified in not leaving a tip — claiming she addressed his party as “boys” when she approached the table and he found it disrespectful.

The waitress claims she was trying to be flirtatious.