*Yep, he’s mad! Tank ranted on social media about how the 2014 BET Awards snubbed him, Tyrese Gibson and Ginuwine (TGT) from a win.

TGT lost to Young Money in the Best Group category. And Tank definitely shared how he really felt about it.

On one hand he said they were robbed and on the other, he said he doesn’t care about the BET Awards. Hmm…

Nevertheless, TGT debut album, “Three Kings,” was a success debuting at number three on the Billboard 200.

And he’s trying to figure out how Young Money beat the group of R&B crooners. Young Money isn’t a real group, he said!

And of course like a true celebrity ready to rant, he took to @TheRealTank on Twitter.

“This sh*t is hilarious.. Not that I wanted the award.. I just wanted it to be truthful.. Too much to ask..,” he tweeted. “Im never defined by an award! Only the truth!.. A group that wasn’t even a group won tonight!..lol. Hypocrisy!”

But Tank continued on — saying he doesn’t care about the BET Awards yet still rants about it.

“I don’t care to be nominated for any for this fake sh*t!! What matters is how the fans feel! And they show up!! Done!!..,” he ranted.

But he said he has no beef with Young Money — just with the BET Awards’ poor judgement on categorization and who wins, who loses.

“Overheard that I was mad at young money..lmao I love social media and people with nothing else to do.. #strongeraug12 #youremystar,” he tweeted.