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*Lagos was once the capital of the most populous nation in Africa, Nigeria.

Nigeria’s history is incomplete without Lagos, the commercial nerve Centre of the nation where many all-around Nigeria have settled and in the process, shaping its future.

One of the most populous cities in Africa has always been a destination point for many through the years. Kings, Educationists, Politicians, Musicians, Culturists, Journalists, Lawyers, Freedom fighters, men and women and most importantly, indigenes of Lagos have all contributed to the history of Lagos.

The SPIRIT OF LAGOS project seeks to restore and protect the those values that once made Lagos the envy of other cities through education and positive behavior modeling. “The SPIRIT OF LAGOS is the life of Lagos. It is the embodiment of all things good about Lagos and the very lifeline that connects its glorious past with the future that we dream of.” Unearthing the Spirit of Lagos, these four cardinal dimensions of Social Justice, Civic Responsibility, Citizenship and Neighborliness are presented through multi-media channels and community engagements.

On the back of this, the Spirit of Lagos Comics are being produced for children to raise awareness of the rich lessons of the history of Lagos. Produced and illustrated by Tayo Fatunla the visual comic art and its narration showcases through history how Lagos has been shaped through the years by people, places and things. Contents for the comic was researched by Professor Abolade Adeniji. Since its distribution, the comic has been well received. Visit http://www.spiritoflagos.com/.

Image caption – Front page of SPIRIT OF LAGOS comic produced by TAYO FATUNLA

TAYO Fatunla is an award winning Nigerian comic artist, writer as well as an illustrator and editorial cartoonist. He is also a contributor to EURweb.com. Visit TAYO’s web – www.tayofatunla.com

tayo fatunla

TAYO Fatunla