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*The Dream is  no longer dreaming about love anymore. He’s back in it as he married his new girlfriend,  LaLaonne Martinez.

He went out for the first time in public with his new girlfriend, Martinez just last month while dining out at Mr. Chow for Father’s Day.

For folks who missed that introduction — he introduced his bride on Instagram.

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He posted, “THE MRS. I LOVE YOU with my Whole Entire Heart and Spirit, God has blessed me in a Time where any man would feel overcome! God has restored my Heart!”

He got married for the third time — after divorcing Nivea and Christina Milian. Then again, a third time is a charm.

Ex-wife and mother of his child Milian congratulated him on his new marriage.

“Congratulations to a great friend and father! Love is in the air, may you both live in bliss from this day forward! You deserve it @thekingdream#happiness#theresnothingbetterthanlove XO -Tina.”

But not all of Dream’s relationships ended well.  He blasted ex-girlfriend and mother of his other child Lydia Nam for accusing him of domestic violence.

Nevertheless, he’s thanking God for restoring his faith in love.

“Another Great Day in your Presence! Allow God in times when you can not Control the outcome, allow freedom in a Time where you can not control When and allow A Love even when Your own love has betrayed You,” he posted on Instagram.

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He added, “I spent 10 minutes shaping this heart from roses and after I was almost done I thought back and realized 30 seconds in, the Roses actually had been shaping me.”