*Reality TV fans everywhere learned the fate of Apollo Nida’s sentence for committing wire, bank and mail fraud last week.


Debates ensued on whether the eight year sentence was just or too lenient, while others have focused their social media binoculars on the every move of his wife, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks.

Will she or won’t she divorce her husband of five years?  In my lil’ ole opinion, I believe there are two reasons it is in the best interest of Ms. Parks to remain betrothed.

First and foremost, “for better or worse” is not just a lousy show on OWN, but a powerful vow that I assume The Nidas proclaimed to one another on their wedding day.  Although the extent of “worse” should  be determined within the confines of each relationship–and this would certainly test the boundaries of any marriage–I personally wouldn’t make any decisions to leave immediately if I were her.  Parks could use the time that Apollo is up the rivah’ (which could actually be at most a little over 6 years) to work on forgiving him instead of quickly calling it quits .  I know this concept is foreign in a world of here-today-gone-tomorrow nuptials, but their marriage could be salvaged should they decide it was important enough to them and their family.

Secondly, Phaedra is cast far too deep in the world of scripted television to turn back now.  Although she boasts being a lawyer, undertaker, donkologist, author and stun gun hawker, none of those vocations truly keep her two sons clothed and fed.  Everybody knows RHOA is the butter to her bread and in truth, if Apollo’s dirty deeds hadn’t bubbled to the surface, her boring storyline from this past season could have prevented her from holding a peach next season.  Now that her jolly jailbird is heading back home to roost, people want to know how she will handle life in his absence.  The real question however is when, not if, will our interest fade?  Will you tune in to see her star in “Starting Over” or “Prison Wife”?  Just think…she can manipulate us into tuning in to see Derek J give her pre-conjugal visit makeovers and Dwight could host “Slammer Sip-n-Sees”.  If she can keep up those 15 minutes of fame for over six years, we just might maintain our focus for the “Life After” series that would follow their reunion.

Unfortunately some relationships are irretrievably broken after the kind of betrayal Apollo committed, and no one would fault her if dissolving the marriage was the route she chose.  I just don’t think it has to be.  If they really wanted to make it, I believe it’s possible.  Her family and career are banking on it.

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