Someone needs a new pair of big girl panties…


*Last week, entertainment giant Tyler Perry, was crowned victorious in a court case that spotlights the brutality of show business.

Former reality star, Kim Kearney, lost a David-versus-Goliath battle against Perry in a trademark war, but the hustler better known as “Poprah” from “I Want to Work for Diddy” has lost so much more than earning potential.  She done lost her mind.

Believe it or not, there was no ownership to the infamous “What Would Jesus Do?” tagline until 2008.  That is when Kearney came up with the title for her reality show  concept, an idea she felt was inspired by God and focused on the Christian lifestyle.  Eager for financing, she shopped her treatment around, eventually landing a meeting with the one and only T.P.  Prior to pitching the treatment to the mogul, she applied to have the moniker trademarked.  Smart girl.  She came, she pitched, she struck out.  Never getting a response from Perry, Kearney set her sights on the next potential investor, but it was not meant to be.  “WWJD” never saw the light of day.

Fast forward a couple of years when it was revealed that not only did Tyler Perry file for the same mark a mere four months after their meeting, he was now suing Kim for ownership of the slogan because she wasn’t putting the phrase to any commercial use. Perry and his merry band of lawyers did a legal shakedown against Kearney, walking away with the grand prize.  Kearney was left devastated in the end, feeling bamboozled due to her inferiority throughout the legal process. Her best professional response?  This desperate, sob-filled snotfest posted to YouTube, of course!

Look, I have nothing but empathy for Kearney’s plight, but as a black woman trying to move and shake in the entertainment business, she has no room for this reckless display of emotions.  I get it, you are weary, tired and worn, but blubbering rants that make Jesus look crazy should be saved for your counselor, not uploaded to a public platform where many of your future employers, investors and peers can easily scoff at you.   This video makes a mockery of businesswomen who bust their humps negating the stereotype that women are too emotional to be leaders in the boardroom.

I am not certain how Ms. Kearney’s 17-minute lament for help will affect her career in the entertainment industry, but I would imagine it’s floating up the very same river she just finished crying.

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