jeremy meeks

*Criminal model-face Jeremy Meeks isn’t ready for his close up.

The so-called “Dreamy McMug” isn’t feeling the cameras in the courtroom since he has to wear common orange. But didn’t he hear? Orange is the new black … guess not.

Anyway, Meeks’ attorney filed a motion to prevent any photographs or video taken during next week’s hearing.

Meeks wanted the judge to approve him wearing custom-fitted clothes for court.

And of course, the judge denied this request. So trying to ban photos and videos is the next best thing for Meeks to do since he can’t fully look like a model.

The documents and Meeks’ lawyer said his mug shot has “become woven in the fabric of pop culture.”  


His lawyer’s point is if Meeks is seen in the orange jumpsuit it might hurt his chances of an unbiased jury.

Meeks is facing weapon charges, which his lawyer isn’t the only one trying to get him out of serving time.

His mother Katherine Angier started Free Jeremy Meeks — raising funds for her son’s release.