David S. Cunningham *UCLA is ready to settle a racial profiling claim by paying $500,000. The claim was brought against the school last year by a black judge over a traffic stop.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David S. Cunningham filed a $10 million dollar suit against the school after claiming he had been physically assaulted by the UCLA police in 2013 during a traffic stop on his way home from the gym. Cunningham also claimed that he was detained in the back of a police vehicle because of his race.

Among paying $150,000 to Judge Cunningham, UCLA is using the remaining $350,000 to pay for scholarships that will be presented to the UCLA Black Alumni Association in Cunningham’s name. The school has also agreed to take action by informing the police of how to improve their interactions with the public as to avoid future complications such as this.

UCLA and Cunningham have released a joint statement saying that they “have a mutual desire to use this as an opportunity to deepen understanding, raise the quality of police-community interactions and provide positive outcomes that enhance diversity and opportunity in our community.”

The statement went on to say that, “Both parties are eager to use this as a teachable moment that provides greater insight into important issues, increased educational opportunities and improved relations between law enforcement and the public. This civic-minded agreement serves the best interest of the entire community and settles the matter to the mutual satisfaction of the parties.”

Judge Cunningham’s attorney Carl Douglas also explained why he believed this settlement to be significant stating:

“I am extremely pleased that there is going to be a community day forum focusing on issues of racial profiling. I am extremely pleased that there is going to be retraining of all patrol officers for UCLA. I am extremely pleased that a portion of the settlement is being used for the education of needy students.”