*Model/Actor TYSON BECKFORD visits “The Real” today (10-08-14) to share a steamy trailer from his new movie, “Addicted.”

He also reveals that women’s shoes are his biggest turn-on, and see how the audience goes wild when Tyson takes his shirt off while playing, “The Real Top Model.”


Tyson Beckford and the ladies of 'The Real'

Photo Credit: Patrick Wymore/Warner Bros.

Check out how things went with Beckford and the ladies of “The Real”:


Loni Love: Have a seat.


Tyson Beckford: Alright, what are we gonna talk about?


Loni Love: Well answer the question.


Adrienne Bailon: What’s your biggest turn on?


Tyson Beckford: My biggest turn on… Uh women’s shoes and lingerie. 


Adrienne Bailon: What kind of shoes? I’m just sayin’


Tyson Beckford: I do like the CLs. Uh for those of you who don’t know, Christian Louboutins. 


Adrienne Bailon: I’m just chillin’ over here. Don’t worry about me. I’m just hanging out over here. 


Jeannie Mai: How do you feel about Kitten Heels?


Tyson Beckford: Kitten heels… You have to explain kitten heels to me.


Loni Love: Tyson be careful. It’s a heel under 3 inches. Be careful, I see you looking. (Tyson rubs Loni’s leg.)

You can get a sneak peek here. Check local listings for showtimes.