Alfonso Ribeiro Expains Origin Of Carlton Dance On The Real

*Actor and current “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Alfonso Ribeiro stops by “The Real” on Monday to chat with the ladies.

Of course he was sked by Loni Love about his signature dance, “The Carlton.”

Loni Love: Did you ever think that your signature dance, “The Carlton,” would be such a hit?

Alfonso Ribeiro: You know you can never do anything…. You never do anything and you expect it to be, you know, a big thing. So, you know, when we did it, it was literally in the episode. The script, it read, “Carlton dances,” and so it was like, alright. As an actor you try to create what is that dance gonna be. ‘Cause it wasn’t specific, right, so I was like, “Uh, I gotta come up with something.” I hadn’t thought about it and I was like, “Ah! I got it,” right? It’s the Eddie Murphy “whit boy” dance in the ‘Delirious’ video and it was Courtney Cox in the ‘Dancing with the Dark’ Bruce Springsteen video; where he pulled her up on the stage. It was both of those and I went, “Let me make it mine.” ‘Cause you know, he had to be excited about it. He was dancin’, he had to be excited. So, that’s kind of what came up and it was, you know, what it was.

Loni Love: Well, now did you ever think “The Carlton” would land you on Dancing with the Stars?

Alfonso Ribeiro: Well, I am actually I feel like “The Carlton” actually stopped me for many years being on Dancing with the Stars. ‘Cause people were like, “Aw man, he’s got a dance named after him.” I’m like, “Yeah but it’s a corny dance. That’s not a real dance.”

Loni Love: But it’s a great dance, I love it. It’s never corny. We love it.

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(Alfonso Ribeiro Expains Origin Of Carlton Dance On The Real)