amber rose

*Critics are seemingly wanting Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa‘s divorce to be a messy one, but the estranged couple are doing their best to keep it classy.

Although, Khalifa was involved in a cheating scandal with twins and Rose called him a serial cheater, they still have a mutual love and a son together.

Rose acknowledged Khalifa in an interview with “Black Hollywood Live” and he recently tweeeted her happy birthday with her replying ‘she will always love him no matter what. ‘

According to Necole Bitchie, fans are hoping the ex-couple could work it out — especially since their divorce shocked so many folks. But the divorce is currently proceeding.

“We were married and he has always been my best friend so regardless of us not being married anymore, we still have a baby together,” she said.

Amber added, “we still love each other and we are always going to love each other forever. And that’s just how it is. We are human and I think a lot of people look at celebrities as robots and think we don’t have feelings.”

Rose talked about how critics are coming for the former couple — as if they are sex-craved individuals who don’t have any feelings.

“[They think we are like], ‘Who cares I’m getting a divorce, let me go out there and have sex with everyone,’ [but] it doesn’t work like that,” she said. “I have feelings and so does he, and people deal with their emotions differently. We still love each other and we still love our son.”

Watch the interview below: