ANCYL Begs Nicki Minaj To Return $10 Million Deposit*You could make the argument that the raptress should be ashamed, but then it was incredibly STUPID for someone to give her a multimillion dollar NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. Duh!

Here are the deets:

Nicki Minaj may not be on the African National Congress Youth League‘s (ANCYL) good side, but that hasn’t stopped critics from expressing their opinion about the organization. And rightfully so.  reports the organization submitted a written request to the Young Money rapstress to pay back the $10 million deposit she received from the City of Tshwane to appear at the TribeOne Dinokeng Festival in Cullinan. Organizers for the three-day event canceled the festival after they blamed the city for not providing adequate facilities.

Of the $65 million spent on the festival, $10 million was paid to Minaj as a non-refundable deposit. In their eyes, the ANCYL in Tshwane feels the entertainer has a duty to herself to pay back the money.

“She knows that she hasn’t worked for the money and there are many charities that she can donate the money to, said the league’s Lesego Makhubela, who encouraged Minaj to do the right thing with a charitable donation. “We don’t want taxpayers’ money to be used on boob jobs.”

Getting Minaj to pay up isn’t the only thing on the league’s to do list. According to reports, the league also wants city manager Jason Ngobeni to resign as well as an apology from Tshwane Mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa for misusing public money.

Regarding TribeOne, the ANCYL labeled the event as a music festival that’s focused more on impressing imperialist forces than providing essential services. Despite the organization’s efforts, it’s not doing much to sway mayoral spokesman Blessing Manale, who accused the ANCYL of using the effort to become popular around the issue and labeled its calls for action as baseless.

Apparently, Manale isn’t the only one with a less than glowing opinion on the ANCYL. As seen in the comments below, the organization is getting negative feedback from the public:

“which part of “non-refundable deposit” do they not understand?” wrote one person. “They are little boys in a big arena, and are not able to grasp the concept yet. A deposit is used when booking an artist. When the show is cancelled,not by the artist, but by the organisers of the show, the deposit is nonrefundable,” another person stated. “If a musician is booked to play a gig, and the gig is cancelled (not by the artist) then the artist has a right to ask for half of the money as he could have played somewhere else that evening and now loses out. Leave the lady alone. Blame the organisers, and ask them to pay the money back. Standard procedure. Ask SAMRO or any musician.”

“For F#ck’s sake. What the f#cking sh#t are you even doing managing anything. It’s NON REFUNDABLE. You stupid ass cave man why spend 10 000 000 on Nicki Minaj in the first place,” another person stated while weighing in on the real reason for the ANCYL’s request. “Oh… and learn to speekedi eengleesh. You are an embarrassment to this country with you being so serious and all your colleagues and everything laughing and joking in the background. You only want the 10 000 000 back to give your wives boob jobs, and buy new BMW’s and KFC. Stop acting like you give a rats ass about charity, and spend more millions on local artists.”


(ANCYL Begs Nicki Minaj To Return $10 Million Deposit)