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*Annie Lennox says her remarks during an NPR interview were taken out of context when she called Beyonce “feminist lite.”

The former Eurythmics lead singer made headlines last week when she was asked her opinion of Bey’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, which included the word “feminist” flashing on a big screen behind her.

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Lennox now admits she was actually unaware of the performance, and was simply explaining where she felt Beyonce stood in the “spectrum of feminism.”

“The context was that I didn’t realize that Beyonce performed at a MTV Awards show with a huge sign with the word ‘feminist’ behind her,” Lennox said Friday on “The View.” “I had no idea about that.’

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“So unbeknown to me, I was asked the question, ‘What do you think of Beyonce in terms of feminism?’ My response was, ‘I think Beyonce is feminist lite,’ and I said that thinking that for me, there’s a spectrum of feminism… and when I was saying this I was thinking about (The Vagina Monologues writer) Eve Ensler and I was thinking, ‘There’s a heavyweight feminist, there’s a woman who works at the grassroots of feminism.’

“And I really will take the opportunity again to say very, very clearly that I adore Beyonce. I think she is extraordinary, powerful, the most extraordinary performer. She’s so gifted and beautiful… and if she uses the term feminism, that’s fantastic. I truly welcome it…”

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