Beverly Johnson Talks Untold Story of Mandela's Release

*The untold story behind the release of Nelson Mandela is revealed in the much anticipated documentary, “Plot of Peace.”

The film tells the story of how an Algerian-born French businessman was instrumental in the discussions surrounding the former South African president’s release.

EURweb’s Lee Bailey caught up with model, Beverly Johnson for the exclusive, early feedback on the film.

“It was riveting. Compelling. Complex. For an African American woman who knows very little about her roots, it’s really interesting to see in Africa all of these presidents…and knowing a little bit about the history behind Nelson Mandela release. I’ve seen it twice. I want to see it again, because it’s really that much information to absorb all at one time. It’s a great story. I has all the components of a Hollywood movie but its real life!”

Check out the rest of her interview below:

“Plot for Peace” opens in DC, VA on October 31; in NYC on Nov. 1; Los Angeles on Nov. 5t and San Francisco, Nov 7.

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(Beverly Johnson Talks Untold Story of Mandela’s Release)