2alfonso carlton

*You knew it would come at some point during the season.

Alfonso Riberio, the original Tap Dance Kid, finally hit us with The Carlton during his jazz routine Monday night on “Dancing With the Stars.”  And of course, it was to Carlton’s favorite song, “She’s So Unusual” by Tom Jones.


“I was pigeonholed as an actor based on that character,” Ribeiro said of his “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” character Carlton Banks in his video package before the routine. The actor said he “fell out of love” with his most famous role as a result, but has since learned to embrace Carlton and his signature dance.

“I love how it makes people feel. I love the fact that people have this nostalgic look at that dance,” he said. “My No. 1 goal this week is to please the fans and to give America what I feel they’ve been asking for since the beginning of this show: The Carlton.”

And here it is…

This received a perfect score of 40 from the judges.