Charlamagne To Drake: Stay Away From Strippers

*Charlamagne dropped some knowledge on Drake about strippers — he said not to trust a stripper. Instead the radio personality said Drake should date bartenders and waitresses.

“The only problem I have with that situation is Drake, you should not be f*cking with strippers, man. It’s 2014,” he told Vlad TV.

He added, “we used to f*ck strippers in the early 2000s. Bartenders and waitresses is where the good pu**y is nowadays.”

“The Breakfast Club” co-host said strippers are bad news — fabricating stories and situations in order to get 5 minutes of fame.

“Don’t listen to anything that come out them hoes’ mouths, man,” he said. “I tell all them hoes man, ‘Sit down, eat this slice of pizza and be quiet.’ Don’t listen to them, yo.”

Drake is under police investigation in Houston for allegedly having men threaten stripper Jhonni Blaze‘s after her fling with him had ended.

Watch the always colorful Charlamange being interviewed below:


(Charlamagne To Drake: Stay Away From Strippers)