cornel west arrested

*Professor Cornel West was knocked down, cuffed and hauled off to jail while demonstrating in Ferguson, Missouri, on Monday…and that was his plan all along.


The author and activist was in Ferguson as part of the “Ferguson October” rally, which has been attended by over 1,000 protesters.

He had participated in peaceful demonstrations at St. Louis University on Sunday night. Hours earlier, during a large mass protest service, West said that he came to get arrested.

“It’s a beautiful thing to see people on fire for justice, but I didn’t come here to give a speech,” West said during a discussion on Sunday night. “I came here to go to jail.”


Another round of protests continued today, with West joining 17 previous protesters who were arrested as part of “Ferguson October,” which involves hundreds of demonstrators committing acts of civil disobedience over the August killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, by a white police officer.

West was knocked over during a scuffle at the Ferguson Police Department before he was arrested. According to NBC News, he was among the first to be carted away today.