*Damon Wayans Jr. is the voice of Wasabi in Disney‘s latest superhero-comedy, ‘Big Hero 6,’ in theaters November 7th.
EUR sat down with Wayans and Jamie Chung (Go Go Tomago) at the Walt Disney Animation Studios, to chat about their first animated film and personal high school experience.

Damon Wayans Jr.: ‘Big Hero 6’ has everything! It’s a Marvell inspired Disney movie, so it has the action, comedy and adventure you’d want, but it has the heart of a Disney movie. It is one of those movies that people will watch for years to come!

Jamie Chung: There is no other story like it! It’s about a group of eccentric people, who come together to help solve a mystery and protect the city.

Damon Wayans Jr Brings The Funny In Disneys' Big Hero 6

EUR: What do you bring to the voice of your character?

Damon Wayans Jr.: I bring the OCD to my character! I love a good plan and for things to be organized. I’m a weirdo…like Jack Nicholson’s character in ‘As Good As It Gets!’

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EUR: Your characters are connected through science school. What was your high school experience like?

Damon Wayans Jr.: I was a goofball! I liked to have fun with my buddies but I also got good grades. But I would defiantly tune-out whenever possible! I was forced to be in the drama club. They made me the main bad guy in this play, so I had all these lines…I didn’t learn them at all…so opening night I just improvised the entry play! It was suppose to be a dramatic play and I turned it into the biggest comedy. I got a standing ovation but my teacher tried to murder me. My dad had to come down and punk the teacher because he was cussing me out.

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EUR: What was it like starring in your first animated film?

Jamie Chung: The experience was rewarding … with Disney, they’re perfectionist so we had the luxury of time, which you don’t often get doing a live action movie. Plus, you don’t get to see the evolution of the story until it’s finally done and on the big screen which is really rewarding!

Damon Wayans Jr.: This is the first film I get to be a toy! It’s awesome! People can have a toy of me! You press it and it sounds like me.

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(Damon Wayans Jr Brings The Funny In Disneys’ Big Hero 6)