Stevie Wonder and Kai Milla Are Still Married

Kai Milland Morris & Stevie Wonder

*Anyone thinking Stevie Wonder has officially divorced his wife Kai Milla, think again.

For whatever motive, “a reliable source close to the family,” wants you to know that the music icon and Kai are still legally married. Despite divorce documents being filed in 2012, Wonder and Kai are not legally divorced.

“They are legally separated,” the source voiced in a statement, sent to EURweb by Kai Milla’s publicist. “I know this to be true because I’m close with both Kai and Stevie.”

The confirmation comes after media outlets, including EURweb, reported that Wonder, 64, and his alleged “fiancé,” 25-year-old Tameeka Robyn Bracy, are allegedly expecting triplets

The source goes on to say that although Kai has never “spoken publicly of Stevie’s choice to live a lifestyle with multiple women, the singer “deeply adores and loves Kai and often reaches out to her for advice.”

In addition, the source touches on Wonder’s “unstable lifestyle” as something Kai chooses to shield the couple’s two children from.

“Stevie is very hurt by Kai’s decision to move on with her life,” the source added while taking a jab at the legendary vocalist. “…Clearly, Stevie is a man that overindulges and gives rings out to the many women he gets involved with. The chances of Stevie marrying anyone else are very unlikely.”


(Stevie Wonder and Kai Milla Are Still Married)