obama aja early voting

Aja (left) and President Obama cast their ballots early at the King Community Center in Chicago

*President Obama was minding his own business, casting his early vote in Chicago, when another early voter, Mike Jones, walked past and warned him, “don’t touch my girlfriend.”

don't touch my girlfriend

Aia Cooper, who was voting in the booth next to Obama, looked up at her boyfriend, mortified.

“I really wasn’t planning on it,” Obama joked with the woman.

As she began laughing from embarrassment, the president continued: “There’s an example of a brother just embarrassing you, just for no reason whatsoever. And now you’ll be going back home and talking to your friends…what’s his name?”

“Mike,” Cooper said.

“‘I can’t believe Mike. He’s such a fool,'” Obama continued, still impersonating the woman’s likely conversation with her friends.

“He really is,” she agreed.

Obama continued imitating how she would tell the story: “‘I was just mortified. But, fortunately, the president was nice about it. So it’s all right.'”

Aja replied: “I am freaking out right now.”

The president got the last laugh, though.


“Give me a kiss and give him something to talk about,” the president said, as he gave Cooper a hug and a peck on the cheek. “Now he’s really jealous.”

But Cooper downplayed the moment.

aja mike brown

“He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Just the cheek,” she told ABC’s Chicago station WLS. “Please, Michelle, don’t come after me!”

Watch it all go down below: