Eddie Murphy and Driving Miss Daisy Director Team Up

*Eddie Murphy will be returning to the big screen in his first major film since 2011’s “Tower Heist” with the New Orleans-set dramedy, “Cook.”

Murphy has been taking a break from the entertainment industry, but since he’s a huge box office heavyweight, he can afford to do that.

Nevertheless, one of the hardest working men in showbiz, Samuel  L. Jackson, was once part of the project before having to detach himself (most likely for being so hard-working on other projects) and Murphy took over the role.

“Cook” is about a friendship among a young white girl, her dying mother and their African-American cook (Murphy) in New Orleans.

Below is a synopsis of the film from Indiewire’s Shadow and Act:

“Charlotte “Charlie” Brody is not pleased when Henry Joseph Church arrives at their modest home, at the request of Marie Brody’s deceased lover, to serve as their cook.”

The synopsis added, “Mr Church made a solemn promise to Marie’s former lover that he would take care of Marie for 6 months because Marie is dying of cancer. Young Charlotte has no idea that her mother is sick and refuses to warm up to the man who is suddenly an ever-present figure in her life.”

It concluded with, “however, Mr Church’s presence becomes far more important than Charlotte could ever imagine. Marie’s mother lives another 6 years, and Mr Church stays on to nurse Marie through her illness. Mr Church becomes a loving role model and life long friend to Charlotte, and to Charlotte’s child, long after Marie dies.”

Murphy will play Henry Joseph Church and “Driving Miss Daisy” director Bruce Beresford will direct this film written by Susan McMartin, which is based on her own real-life story.


(Eddie Murphy and Driving Miss Daisy Director Team Up)