steffanie rivers

*When it comes to making a dollar out of fifteen cents some people could learn a few tips from Steffanie Rivers.

Rivers, a self-described cheap skate, says she has become an expert at using other people’s money and resources to pay for her expenses.

And it’s all legal. She’s done such a good job at it, Rivers will be featured in the third season of TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates tonight, Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 9pm Eastern/Pacific.

At a time when social networks such as Face Book, Instagram and Twitter are in the business of putting everybody’s business in cyberspace, Rivers said featuring her cheap skate ways on national television was not at the top of her things to do list when the opportunity presented itself.

“I saw a Craigslist ad in search of cheapskates who were willing to tell their story,” said Rivers. “So I answered the ad, did a video interview with show producers and a few months later they were standing in my living room videotaping me,” she added. Rivers said producers told her it was the best episode of cheapskates in the history of cheapskates!

What cheap skate habits got Rivers the national spotlight? For starters she’s a flight attendant who spends at least four nights a week away from home. All the sample shampoos, lotions and other toiletries she collects from hotels keeps her from having to spend her own money. Those samples also make great gifts, she added. She collects newspapers and magazines that are left behind by passengers on the airplane which saves her from having to pay for those items. And the perfume pages in those popular magazines, she tears out the pages and uses the fragrances to smell expensive without having to pay the expensive prices.

“I believe in phantom power,” so when I leave town I turn off all the power at the circuit breaker to help save money,” Rivers said. And when she’s not working Rivers uses the free wi-fi service at local retail establishments in her neighborhood. So she saves the cost of monthly ISP fees.

Most people think the life of a flight attendant is glamorous, flying to exotic locations and different countries. Rivers said she loves her job and earns a good living, but she said the key is saving what she earns to make her money go even further, and she’s not embarrassed one bit when co-workers and neighbors notice her cheap skate ways. Overall Rivers saves at least $500 a month as a penny-pincher.

“Most people waste money and resources everyday on things that could save them tons of money,” said Rivers, adding that “I choose to keep my money and still live a comfortable lifestyle.”

Producers liked the episode featuring Rivers so much there are talks about doing a followup show or other show opportunities in the future. In the meantime Rivers will reveal more of her cheap skate ways on Extreme Cheapskates on TLC tonight (10-08-14). Check your local listings for viewing time(s) in your area. You can comment on the episode #ExtremeCheapskates and @tcbstef on Twitter during the show.

By the way, if you’ve never seen “Extreme Cheapskates,” all we’ll say is that you are in for a very interesting experience. Just check out the trailer for an upcoming episode:


(EUR’s Steffanie Rivers On TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates)