New Twist In Corey Clark Lawsuit

*On Friday, October 10, 2014 Federal Judge Kevin Sharpe reversed his decision to dismiss former “American Idol” contestant  Corey Clark’s $120 million lawsuit against the two major networks, Fox and E!, and reopened the case for discovery and trial.

That’s right, Corey Clark is finally going to get his day in court to prove his claims and that could spell trouble for the defendants and the “American Idol” franchise if what he’s said all along pans out to be true.

The lawsuit focuses on the fabricated investigation and dissemination of the false defamatory results of the said sham investigation, allegedly conducted by Fox in 2005 to ascertain the truth of Clark’s alleged sexual affair with Paula Abdul while he was a principle role performer and Ms. Abdul was a judge on the production of the 2nd season of American Idol. Its all surrounding the E! Networks’ republication of those defamatory statements in 2012 with the broadcast of E!’s popular series True Hollywood Story: Paula Abdul, according to Clark’s complaint.

The judge noted that even though clips of Clark are seen throughout the majority of the program, you never hear from him, not once.

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The discovery process will produce evidence to bolster or hurt Clark’s claims, but at the center of it all is one of the people key to the answer. Paula Abdul. Unnamed sources say a Federal subpoena for her deposition and testimony is now inevitable, it’s only a matter of when that deposition will occur. At such time Miss Abdul will have to answer the hard ball questions about her relationship to Clark at that time. Her handlers will not be in control of the interview, and they won’t have reign over Clark’s attorneys.

If Clark’s allegations are found to be true, after being publicly defamed throughout the last 12 years, Clark seeks closure. In light of Judge Sharpe’s reversal, there is hope for a remedy and vindication in the form of an apology.

Corey Clark explains more about the ordeal in this Exclusive with LaRita Shelby.

Statement from Corey Clark:

“My attorney Matthew Martin and I are elated that Judge Sharpe made the decision to reverse his own dismissal of my case. I am thankful for the opportunity presented to me now to prove the facts of a situation that has haunted and adversely impacted my personal life and family while stifling my career throughout the last 12 years, in a distinguished court of law . This is a chance for justice to right a wrong based on the facts, evidence and law. The adversarial process will allow everyone involved to come to the table, tell the truth, get to the facts, set the record straight and put this behind us once and for all. My goal is simply to clear my reputation and the hard work and dedication of my attorney has afforded me that chance. I truly appreciate those of you who have continued to support me through the rough times. When this is all said and done, people will never look at reality competitions the same again.”

Info on Corey Clark’s latest project is found by clicking here.

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(New Twist In Corey Clark Lawsuit)