Faith Evans Willing To Record Song With Lil Kim

*Picture this for a minute: a song featuring Faith Evans and Lil’ Kim.

Despite the bad blood between them, Evans admits that she tried to make it happen years ago.

“I actually have tried to [record a song with Kim] in the past,” Faith told The Breakfast Club as she revealed that she’s still open to a Lil’ Kim collaboration if the right conditions existed.

The singer goes on to reveal that her ex-husband, the Notorious B.I.G., made an effort to get the two on the same track.

“I would if it was the right song, for sure,” Evans stated. “My ex-husband actually was trying to make it happen. I think this was around the time she [Kim] was dating Scott Storch. I don’t really remember what happened.”

Although Lil’ Kim isn’t ready to bury the hatchet, Evans looks to have moved on as she recounted their last meeting.

“The last time I saw her, actually was a few years ago at Puff’s white party,” the vocalist said. “This was maybe like five years ago and I congratulated her on her ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ this was around that time. But she asked me, ‘Who was I?’ But I mean, you know — it’s all good.”

Now that we know the beef is still on between Evans and Lil’ Kim (at least in the Queen Bee’s eyes), Evans moved on to address how the rapper’s willingness to talk about her sexual relationship with her ex doesn’t bother her.

“No, it doesn’t bother me. I know that they were, you know, getting it in. I mean, it probably bothered me when I first found out just because I didn’t know anything about it,” said Evans. “When Big died, all of that stuff, to me, was really over. I’d never hold on to any grudges over him if he’s not even here.”

To see Evans’ interview with The Breakfast Club, check out the video below:


(Faith Evans Willing To Record Song With Lil Kim)