Family Feud Now on TV Land

Steve Harvey host ‘Family Feud’ now on TV Land

*Many know Steve Harvey from his start with the Kings of Comedy Tour and his self-titled television series.

Fans of Harvey have in recent years, been able to catch his gregarious humor as the host of the hit television game show “Family Feud.”

His reactions have generated and morphed into a viral social media and online presence including shareable memes and GIFS and an entire Tumblr page dedicated to his hysterical reactions on the show.

“Family Feud” itself is set up to allow for comical mishaps as the premise is asking people to say whatever first comes to mind on a given subject.

One of the funniest and most surprising reactions from Harvey is when a young man got all number-one answers. Harvey walked over to him and gave him a stereotypical athlete slap on the butt he was so proud of him and there has also been a family that won $20,000.

Aside from the success, Family Feud is also notoriously loved and known for its epic fails. For example, Harvey asked for words that start with the word “Pork” and a contestant follows with “cupine”—did you catch that?—“pork-cupine.”

To check out many more of these pure comical moments make sure to catch “Family Feud” every weeknight on TV Land at 8/7c.


(Family Feud Now on TV Land)