Flex & Shanice Reveal Going Broke In New TV Series

*The life of a celebrity is not all rosy. Just as Flex Alexander, who’s living life for the public to see with his new reality show “Flex & Shanice.”

In an extended trailer for the series, Flex and his wife Shanice reveal their financial struggles as well as their efforts to get back into their respective fields and deal with having at least four extended family members living under the same roof.

The result is drama as the family spends time arguing about which relatives are bringing money into the household and which ones are not. Nevertheless, the show features Shanice as she heads back in the studio to record new music and Flex, who is returning to the stage as a stand-up comedian.

“Me and wifey, we went through it y’all. We was ballin’, making $1.5, $1.7 million a year, just balling and then just [makes car screech noise] boom! Somebody cut the lights out!” Flex expresses.

“I’m going to tell you what’s really embarrassing? Filing bankruptcy. The funny thing is me and wifey go down there and wifey she’s like ‘I don’t want to do this…’ I’m like ‘baby, we gotta do it. Donald Trump did it 12 times.’ Went in there and we’re like ‘Lord please don’t see no Black people because they’re going to know who we are!’”

To see the end of Flex’s bit, check out the video below as well as other clips from “Flex and Shanice”:

Flex Returns to Standup

Shanice and her “Snicker” Have a Love That Lasts

“Flex and Shanice” premieres November 1 at 10/9c on OWN.


(Flex & Shanice Reveal Going Broke In New TV Series)