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*Wendy Williams pressed French Montana about his relationship with Khloé Kardashian on her talk show this morning.

First, she asked the rapper if they were, in fact, dating. His answer was vague.

“Like every relationship you break up and you make up,” Montana said. “Right now we’re on real good terms.”

Not feeling his response, Wendy pushed harder: “So you’re still boyfriend/girlfriend?” The rapper answered, “We’re in a real special zone right now.

“She’s gonna be my baby forever.”

This may be news to Khloe. During their relationship, Montana claimed he was only dating her for the publicity. At the time, Kardashian fired back at all of the people who slammed the rapper, saying that she “didn’t care” that he was using her.

Williams brought up the publicity issue with Montana, telling him that she thought he was using her for his own career benefits, but he quickly squashed her idea.

“I feel like when you meet somebody you really like I don’t think you really worry about that stuff,” he said.

Watch below: