hazel e,

*Hazel E had a falling out with her man and one of close friends. And what do the two relationships have in common? Reality TV and booze!

Hazel’s friendship with Teairra Mari and relationship with Yung Berg took hits since starring on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

“The thing with Berg, he’s a drunk,” Hazel E told Enstarz.com. “They maybe need to do a ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Rehab Session’ honestly because it seems like the liquor, the drugs or whatever, just takes over people.”

She didn’t believe Berg originally when he told her he didn’t want to be in a relationship with her since he was under the influence.

“With Berg, half the time he was filming, he wasn’t all the way in his right mind either, which makes him act out of character,” she revealed.

She added, “I sat there and I listened to him tell me that he had other girls, MondayTuesday…and he rests on the seventh day. He said that to my face and I was like, ‘Okay. That’s cute because that’s not real. You’re not all that because you’re with me every damn day.’”

Nevertheless after an epic social media battle (see that here if you missed it), the two seem to be over! And besides their apparent sexual chemistry, they clearly want two completely different things.

“I have to wash my hands and walk away from him. I gotta keep some integrity, at some point, for me,” she said. “I also gotta do what’s best for Hazel and if these people that I am loyal to, and loving on and wishing well upon don’t do the same for me, then I have to walk away… I’m going to find somebody who is going to love and respect me.”

But Berg isn’t the only one Hazel has had a feud with since the show started filming. Hazel and Mari are no longer friends ever since Mari disrespected her during a tattoo party when she wanted to talk about her relationship with Berg.

“The thing is she has an addiction problem and that alcohol turns her into a different person. When she goes there, sometimes it’s not Teairra. I’ll look at her in her face and I’m like, ‘Teairra checked out,’” Hazel told Juicy magazine. “I don’t accept her behavior and I don’t condone or will not let her continue to be that way towards me, but I can forgive her because she’s sick.”

The friendship with Mari has been an emotional roller-coaster — going from making up to tension. She’s not sure where they stand.

“One minute I think we’re coming to an understanding of how things have happened and we’re owning both of our mistakes in the situation and other days it’s back to turn up,” she said.

Hazel added, “she definitely feels alone and hurt because I was like her only last friend that was there that had her back, but it’s like until you change how you come at me, treat me and think of me, I’d rather just do me ‘cause ain’t nobody got time for that.”