Exotic Dancer Jhonni Blaze Claims Drake Put A Hit Out on Her

*Due to his social media presence and music, Drake is often portrayed as the sensitive, sweet and nice guy type. But allegedly, there’s a darker side to the rapper. Allegedly, he put a hit out on Houston exotic dancer Jhonni Blaze!

According to Madame Noire, Blaze claims to have spent a week with Drake, but their “relationship” hit some bumps when she found out he was allegedly messing around with her stripper friend Lira Galore.

She claimed during their week together they had deep conversations, partied together and had unprotected sex. Allegedly, he even played the piano for her.

“I asked him why he messed with me with no condom, what if I get pregnant,” she claimed. He said ‘I’m not worried about that, I just want to give you the best of me’. He wanted to feel all of me. He ate me out. He kissed me. He’s a loving sexual person.”

Although, their special time together ended, they were supposed to keep in touch — with Drake planning to fly Blaze out to Toronto. But she later found out he flew out her friend Galore.

In text messages, the two argued about his relationship with Galore. But he claims it is strictly business, although he said she doesn’t have a right to tell him who he can see.

When Blaze took to Instagram to express how hurt she was by Drake’s actions, she claims he put a hit out on her. Men showed up to her job, although she wasn’t there. Her apartment was kicked in after he put a price on her head — leading her to file a police report.

This isn’t the first time Drake is said to have threatened an ex lover. He allegedly threatened ex-girlfriend Ericka Lee when she asked for royalties for “Marvin’s Room.” Drake has yet to respond any of these allegations.


(Exotic Dancer Jhonni Blaze Claims Drake Put A Hit Out on Her)