Jhonni Blaze Changes Her Story About Drake Sending His Men*So Jhonni Blaze is admitting to lying about her encounters with Drake?! Or she is just “clarifying?”

As we reported, Blaze claimed Drake sent out members of his crew to threaten her. But now she changed her story.

Blaze is now saying that never happened and that she has nothing, but love for the “Trust Issues” rapper, according to Hip Hollywood.

In a new interview with Houston’s 97.9 The Box, she changed her story — claiming her words had been misinterpreted and changed.

She said she filed the police report because her friend told her two men were looking for her. Hmm…

But folks could assume details (or the bulk) of her story wasn’t true. She already revealed she’s not pregnant with Drake’s baby after leading on fans to believe that she could be.

But she’s sticking with the story about the relationship she had with Drake — claiming the short-lived romance ended over arguments.

But with so many switch ups? Who knows what to believe? Maybe if Drake releases a statement he could clarify most of this mess. After all due to the scandal, Houston police are investigating him.

Watch the interview below:

(Jhonni Blaze Changes Her Story About Drake Sending His Men)