the real & judge mathis

Judge Greg Mathis interviewed by The Real co-hosts (photo: Patrick Wymore/WARNER BROS)

*The honorable JUDGE GREG MATHIS visits “The Real” today (10-29-14) to talk about his lasting success as the charismatic disciplinarian we’ve seen on “Judge Mathis” for the last 16 seasons.

He shares his experience in working with President Obama to create programs that help young men and women change their lives.

He keeps it light-hearted as he surprisingly weighs in on the difference between “booty calls” and “friends with benefits!”

Check out a sample of the chit-chat between the ladies and Judge Mathis:

Tamar Braxton: Can you please tells us what’s the difference between “friends with benefits” and the “booty call?”

Judge Mathis: Well… the “friends with benefits” they hang out and have fun together. Then the “booty call” is just what they call now a “drive-by,” so that’s old language, that’s a “drive-by.” You drive-by, 10, 11, or after the club…

Tamera Mowry-Housley: See, 10 or 11. “Booty call,” booty booty booty call. I said it.

Judge Mathis: Anything after 11.

Loni Love: See this is why we need a man every now and then to explain their point of view.

Tamar Braxton: Yes we do, ’cause I didn’t know after 11 was a “booty call.” That’s a fun fact.

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