*Suge Knight was still behind bars at press time, but his camp, along with a free Katt Williams, are denying that they stole a pap’s camera in September.

As previously reported, both were arrested Wednesday after being accused of grabbing a camera belonging to an unnamed female photographer in Beverly Hills last month when she tried to take pictures of them.

Suge and Katt were both charged with one count of robbery on Wednesday.

Upon Katt’s release from jail in Malibu, he told TMZ that they caught the pap shooting a 5-year-old who was alone in an alley. According to Katt, the pap said she would erase the video but then took off running, so they gave chase. He claims that they never took her camera.

Watch below:

Meanwhile, Suge’s camp is telling TMZ that the former rap mogul and Katt were trying to prevent the pap from filming Suge’s 4-year-old son, who was playing in an alley nearby when one of Katt’s female companions asked her to stop.

TMZ reported Thursday:

The photog — who is legendary in L.A. for her confrontations with celebs and other photogs — was confronted by Katt’s friend and the 2 got into it. Katt’s friend asked her to erase the video of the child but she refused.

Our Suge sources say the photog is a liar and her camera was NEVER stolen … that she had it in her possession when cops came. The woman claims Katt snatched the camera.

Here she is – the pap – telling her account to the cops:

TMZ reports:

Our law enforcement sources tell TMZ … they believe Suge orchestrated the entire thing and that Katt was just following his orders. As for Katt, he told us he’d rather take the fall than sell out Suge.

The stakes are high … Katt faces 7 years in prison if convicted. Suge could go to jail for the rest of his life.