Keyshia Cole Avoids Prosecution Posts Sexy Videos *What a difference a month makes for Keyshia Cole.

The singer, who was arrested in September for allegedly attacking a friend of Cash Money Records bigwig Birdman, will not be prosecuted for the incident. TMZ reports that prosecutors have decided to subject Cole to a hearing by someone from the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office instead of making her go to trial.

The choice is the latest development amid reports of the incident, which according to the victim, Sabrina Mercadel, occurred at Birdman’s home as she was discussing business with the rap mogul. She says she doesn’t know why Cole attacked her and insists that her relationship with Birdman, a man she’s known for more than 10 years, is strictly platonic. Media sources acknowledge that Birdman and Cole are an item nowadays.

With the prosecutor’s decision, Cole and Mercadel will be able to tell their sides of the story. In addition, Cole will reportedly be given a “harsh warning” to not harm anyone in the future and the hearing officer will have the option to require her to attend anger management classes.

So now that Ms. Cole has her legal problems behind her, she can go back to doing her, right?

Well, kinda sorta. As long as you don’t know.

Apparently, the reality of being a celebrity came knocking regarding a couple of videos Cole thought she removed that she posted on her Instagram page. The folks at Sandra Rose report that the videos in question involve her moving seductively on top of a piano while rehearsing a new stage routine. The reaction of fans to the clips were was so “insane” that Cole took it upon herself to get rid of them.

Despite Cole removing the videos, copies of the clips were quickly reposted on Instagram and Twitter Monday night. Sandra Rose goes on to mention that Cole feels humiliated by all the talk of her creating the videos for Birdman.

For a look at the videos, scroll down and click below:

A video posted by mouthtoears (@mouthtoears) on

A video posted by mouthtoears (@mouthtoears) on



(Keyshia Cole Avoids Prosecution Posts Sexy Videos )