Zane's Addicted Not Impressive

*I went to see Zane‘s “Addicted” movie which was supposed to be based on her book of the same title. As usual, the book was better. Much, much better.

The eye-candy was delish but the script needed a lil salt and pepper… and a dash or two of hot sauce… and a sour dill pickle with a peppermint stick.

Quentin (William Levy) was sexy, as was Corey (Tyson Beckford.) However Zoe (Sharon Leal) was married to Jason (Boris Kodjoe) and neither of them could hold a candle to him. I’m not trying to act funny, but this movie kind of reminds me of Tyler Perry’s Temptation. Neither lady had ever been with any other man sexually, conversations with counselors, a deranged, but super-sexy hot beef injector, but I digress.

Zoe was addicted to sex. Like many of us survivors of childhood sexual abuse, she’d blocked out the root of her issues until Marcella the counselor (Tasha Smith) continued to persuade her to revisit her past. Eventually she remembers what happened to her as a child which triggered her insatiable sexual behavior.

It was worth the admission price to see Boris’ backside, and his daddy loooong strokes in the bed. This movie had several steamy sex scenes as Zoe was smashing Quentin, Corey, and Jason.

If you’ve read the book you will be disappointed in the movie. If you’ve not read the book, I say go see the movie with your girls NOT with your man. His ego will be shattered like a smashed 80 watt lightbulb unless he is also drop dead gorgeous.

I walked into the movie theater with high expectations which slowly simmered into a disappointing let down as I schlepped my way home.

– Kimberly ( [email protected] )is a freelance writer/event producer in Chicago, Il.



(Zane’s Addicted Not Impressive)