*LeBron James wanted to show how ready he is to come back home for the first Cleveland Cavaliers home game since he left in 2010.

He is the star of the “First Home Game” Sprite commercial — playing homage to the city that raised him by visiting Patterson Park in Akron, OH.

The commercial is getting fans fired up about the Cleveland Cavaliers going up against the New York Knicks on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014 at Quicken Loans Arena in Akron.

The commercial was shot when james returned home last month where he spent his childhood learning the ropes of basketball.

He shared how excited he is Sprite revamped two community basketball courts in Akron on social media. Also, he’s clearly excited for his grand return home, according to YBF.

“Made a lot of great memories at Patterson Park as a kid shooting hoops and running up THAT HILL!” he said. “Feels great to give back to the kids in North Hill who use it today.”

He added, “I hope you guys enjoy these courts and make your own great memories. You can be whatever you want to be… doctor, janitor, lawyer, teacher, police officer, football player, bus driver, etc. as long as you keep your PROMISES and work hard. Special s/o to Sprite and Futura for making this happen. #IPROMISE #StriveForGreatness”

Watch the commercial below: