Lil Kim Calls K. Michelle A Bag of Nuts*Lil Kim is definitely not lacking in the feuding department with her beefs with K. Michelle and Nicki Minaj taking up more of her time than her music.

Nevertheless, she stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to not only discuss her dislike towards K. Michelle and Minaj, but her new music as well — finding a little time to talk about something else other than who she doesn’t like for dissing her in some type of way.

She addressed what K said in her interview with “The Breakfast Club” of how they were so close that Kim wanted her to be her baby’s godmother.

“That chick is a bag of pecans. A trailmix. You know when you eating a trailmix and all the nuts you like you eat and the nuts that you can’t stand you put them back in the bag. She’s the bag of nuts you put back in the bag. Like a black jelly bean,” she said.

Kim added, “she is NUTS. She is so nuts you are liable to see her skipping. Who skips? Why would I ever make her my child’s godmother? I’ve only met this woman one time…one time in person. We talked on the phone after that because she was a fan of mine. We never had a conversation about her being my child’s godmom. I DON’T know you. Why would I do that?”

K and Kim’s beef started when K called Minaj the “Queen of Rap.” And it followed with Kim and her fans coming for the singer. Nevertheless, Kim wanted to discuss the matter privately. But of course, K took to social media.

“If she had called me we would have never been in that predicament. Out of respect for our relationship [that we were trying to build] I would have said something to my fans if she had called me, texted me. When I watched what she was saying I said ‘this chick is having a conversation with herself?’ She never called me,” Kim said.

She added, “the chick is sour because she’s a huge fan of mine. She’s been bitter and sour because you guys had 105 Power last year. I performed with Kendrick [Lamar] I was suppose to perform with K. Michelle but the sprinter got lost. Kendrick’s people had been in contact with my people all day and they wanted me to come out before.”

She continued with, “but we was like we were suppose to come out with K. Michelle and it just never happened and she was sour pissed. I still came in her room, and told her ‘we gone make this up. That wasn’t my people. When you don’t know people in this industry they show who they really are and that’s why I don’t really get close with people in this industry.”

As for her beef with Minaj, she said hasn’t been a bully with her diss records against the “Anaconda” rapper. She pointed out Minaj released the first diss against her.

“How could you ever say that when she made the first record towards me? But what do you mean squashed? She been waiting so long to say the word Queen Bee because that’s how obsessed she is. She’s been waiting to say that,” she said.

She added, “come on, you’re on a record with Beyonce. If I’m on a record with Beyonce I’m not saying nothing remotely close to this chick to even think that I’m talking about [her]. We all know what it is. It’s so deep that when I finish putting together this documentary everyone will fully understand.”

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(Lil Kim Calls K. Michelle A Bag of Nuts)