Lil' Kim*Lil Kim is under fire for dissing her gay fanbase who paid big bucks to see her over the weekend, but she didn’t actually take the time to meet and greet them.

She received $23,000 for her appearance at the nightclub The Manor where she was supposed to be friendly with 100 high-paying fans for the club’s 5th anniversary.

Instead, she showed up late and decided not to follow through with the scheduled meet and greet — leaving the club to pay back VIP fans with refunds. Uh oh!

Kim claims it wasn’t her fault. There was a lack of communication on the promoter’s side who never made her aware of the schedule meet and greet.

lil kim,

Nevertheless, the flyer had a meet and greet on it. And she wasn’t made aware of it?! This isn’t a good look for someone who makes a living off of gay club appearances and performances.

The club planned to sue Kim, but maybe she already got what was coming to her. The Manor’s attorney Howard King told TMZ she was booed when she left, which could mean a decline in her gay fanbase.