Lupe Fiasco Talks Being Muslim and Female Inequality

*Lupe Fiasco is talking about his faith again and this time he held a Twitter Q&A about what it means to be Muslim as well female inequality.

Fiasco believes Islam is on its way to global acceptance. A Twitter user asked if he believed “one day Islam would be the world’s religion and conquer the world,” and he responded with a simple, “Yes.”

He discussed women’s place in Islam as well as America. Fiasco was asked if women are considered equal to men in Islam.

“Depends. Where are women equal anywhere though?” He followed up with his own question: “Depends on the women…Is Secular American more advanced morally than say Saudi Arabia?” he asked.

Fiasco — known for his politically-driven music — occasionally talks about his religion and his struggles with being in the music industry as a Muslim.

In an interview he did with Katie Couric over the summer, he talked about his struggles with not drinking or smoking while in the music industry where doing these things and more are not agreeable with his religion.

Nevertheless, more socially-conscious music is sure to come with his fifth studio album, “Testuo & Youth” — dropping on Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014.


(Lupe Fiasco Talks Being Muslim and Female Inequality )