Mariah Sends Musical Message To Nick: ‘I Know You Cheated, MotherFucker!’

*So much for separating business and personal.

Mariah Carey looks to have crossed that line while kicking off her Elusive Chanteuse World Tour last weekend in Tokyo. According to, Mimi switched up the lyrics to her song “Don’t Explain,” which centers on an ex who cheated.

Audio from the show, clearly captures the songstress transforming the seven-minute tune around the 4 minute, 40 second mark to diss her soon to be ex Nick Cannon, the site added.

The original line from “Don’t Explain” is “I know you cheat.” Carey’s modified version replaces the line with “I know you cheated, m—– f—–.”

Carey’s reported diss to Cannon is the latest in the continuing fallout as they engage in a messy divorce that stemmed from suspicions of Cannon cheated. Rumors surrounding the split point to Cannon cheating with Amber Rose, who recently separated from her husband Wiz Khalifa and just became one of “The America’s Got Talent” host’s newest clients.

The Elusive Chanteuse tour is set to stop off in Southeast Asia and Australia while continuing on through November.

To hear Carey’s modified version of “Don’t Explain,” check out the video below:

As for Cannon, he’s continuing on, despite the split.

TMZ caught the entertainer leaving a gym Sunday in Studio City with a new tattoo covering up the former love of his life’s first name. Although the crucifixion tat was clearly noticeable, what’s above Jesus’ head is what’s making folks wonder.

To see Cannon’s cover up tattoo for yourself, check out the picture below:

new nick cannon tattoo

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(Mariah Sends Musical Message To Nick: ‘I Know You Cheated, MotherF***er!’ )