mary j blige

*Mary J. Blige won in a legal battle against her. A promoter sued Blige for a cancelled performance.

But the federal judge ruled in her favor — confirming that Blige doesn’t have to perform without her entourage and first class airfare — as stated in the contract.

Last year, the concert production company, Vision Entertainment Worldwide, sued Blige in federal court over a cancelled performance.

The lawsuit, according to, says Blige backed out of performing at a concert in Dallas two years ago. She cancelled the performance just days before the gig.

The company claimed to have paid her in advance with $145,000, but she refused to give it back after she cancelled the performance.

As a result, she was sued for the $145K and for damages they caused the company for canceling on the them at the very last minute.

But Blige claimed there was a breach in the contract. The company failed to reach her first class airfare demands. She refused to perform due to the contract demands not being met nor was she going to return the money.

She then asked for the remaining $105,000 from the company. And ultimately, the judge side with Blige. The judge confirmed she had every intention to make the concert as evidence in emails showed.

But the company failed to reach her airfare demands. She was rewarded that $105K.