Mary J. Blige Gives Up The 411 On The London Sessions

Mary J. Blige and Power 99’s Mutha Knows

*OK, so you’ve been wondering what’s the 411 on “The London Sessions” with Mary J. Blige?

Well, wonder no more. The Queen of Hip Hop Soul sat down with Mutha Knows of Philly’s Power 99 and spilled the tea on the project.

“You know I did the remix of “F For You” with Disclosure and they released it over there (the UK) and it blew up really big … we started getting a really good response so, the whole idea was to go to London and do an EP with them,” Mary J. said inthe interview.” And during that time I was getting out of my contract with Interscope, I was speaking with Steve Barnett, the head of Capitol records where I’m signed now . I was speaking to him about the whole Disclosure EP idea. He said, ‘Mary that’s a great idea, but let’s scrap that whole Disclosure idea because you’re bigger than that kind of music. Let’s put you in London with writers like Emily Dande, Sam Smith … producers like Naughty Boy, Jimmy Napes and call the album “The London Sessions.'”

Check out the full story from Mary J. Blige via the interview with Mutha Knows below:



(Mary J. Blige Gives Up The 411 On The London Sessions)