Melissa Harris-Perry More Afraid Of Police Than Ebola Or ISIS

*Ask Melissa Harris-Perry the thing she’s most afraid of and the answer won’t have anything to do with something that could put her in the hospital or on video being executed.

In her eyes, the MSNBC host is more afraid of the police than Ebola or ISIS.

“I feel much more terror every time I see blue lights than when I think about Ebola or ISIS Harris-Perry confessed earlier last week as she was discussing protesters holding a demonstration outside the Ferguson police department after the August 9th slaying of unarmed teen Michael Brown. “It feels to me…please God don’t make me have to interact here. These videos feel like there’s nothing that makes you safe.”

Since the segment aired, many media outlets reporting on the statement note Harris-Perry’s past of questionable actions and making questionable statements while stating that she is ridiculous for her current comments.

To see Harris-Perry’s discussion on the Michael Brown protesters, check out the video below:


(Melissa Harris-Perry More Afraid Of Police Than Ebola Or ISIS)