Diana Curelaru and her son

Diana Curelaru and her son who she was passing marijuana to through her breast milk

*Just look at that picture above. No one can say that this little guy doesn’t have a special twinkle in his eye and a knowing smirk on this little face. He looks so…so…what’s the word?

Content. Yeah…Oh wait, come to think of it, he looks high.

That’s because he is folks.

He’s feeling chilled out because his mommy smoked a joint while breast-feeding him and passed it along through her breast milk.

Any child of the 60s would probably say, “and your point is…”

OK smarty-pants. Here’s my point. Was there a drug raid at your house? Did the police take your baby and find that he was “unusually sleepy?”

You see where this is going, right?

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