monyetta shaw

*Monyetta Shaw revealed on “Atlanta Exes” she got her tubes tied after having Ne-Yo‘s two children. But mutual procedures were supposed to happen.

She didn’t talk about how Ne-Yo was supposed to get a vasectomy on the show, but she’s not sure if he had actually gone through with it. 

“We talked about that and we were actually both doing it. He could have gotten his,” Monyetta told Sister 2 Sister. “I’m not sure if he went through [with it].”

After Shaw got the procedure, Ne-Yo decided to call off their engagement. And then, she questioned having the procedure done.

“He just wasn’t ready for monogamy,” she said. “I appreciate for him telling me that.”

Nevertheless, Shaw had second thoughts about the procedure — being that it was a permanent form of birth control. She’s not capable of having more children with a new love.

“I’m a human being and I’m a woman. It hurts, but you can’t make a person feel a certain way and I’m okay with that and what I realize is it wasn’t my stuff. It was his stuff. It was his issues,” Shaw said.

Shaw is putting herself back out there dating. Ne-Yo is dating Crystal Renay, but Shaw is not un-open to giving it another shot with him someday.

“I always see us being very close friends, but who knows what God has planned,” she said.