success is a side effect

Dentist, humorist and best-selling author Dr. Moe Anderson urges women to save themselves first before saving others as a prescription for a happier life

Almost everyone wants to be successful, but most people are not sure exactly what that means. Monica “Dr. Moe” Anderson has written a prescription for achievement and long term happiness in her new book, Success Is A Side Effect: Leadership, Relationships and Selective Amnesia.

Monica Anderson has been a Doctor of Dental Surgery, serial entrepreneur, and motivational speaker for almost three decades. Dr. Anderson has written an every-woman’s guide to achieving more fulfilling relationships at work, home and in the community. She says the book is for the 96% of women who are not CEOs of global companies. “This book is for all the unheralded leaders who must survive, and even thrive, in a world where Cinderella’s feet hurt and Sleeping Beauty gets fired for frequent tardiness. She states, “What I know for sure is that women whom the world admires for their inner beauty, confidence and competence were not born that way; they were forged.”

Anderson believes success is not a person, place, or material thing as so many of us are socialized to believe. The 52-year old grandmother asserts, “We all have the potential, the duty, and the power to lead in our chosen fields. And, ultimately the choices we make at each intersection of our personal journey, not the title on a business card, the neighborhood we reside in, or the person we marry determine whether or not we are successful.”

Simply put, Dr. Moe wants women who lead in their sororities, organizations, at work and at home to know that they matter. She wants to know that because they matter it is an imperative to practice self-care emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Dr. Moe wants women to save themselves first before they attempt to save others.

Success is A Side Effect offers wise counsel to women in Dr. Moe’s witty, conversational style. For example, she writes, “Roosters don’t crow all day and neither should you. Nobody wants to hear that. It is annoying. So is smiling constantly. Nobody is that happy. If you are, pretend to have a few problems like the rest of us now and then.”

Success Is A Side Effect is garnering positive reviews from readers and critics. Veteran book review magazine Kirkus Reviews, a highly respected American book review magazine, said, “If you can’t get ahead at work, have a man who won’t commit, are drowning in debt, or struggling with a health crisis, the author offers words of wisdom…The book is a practical guide for women on how to find happiness and boost self-worth.”

Women who are ready to fill their prescription with no co-pay or negative side effects can purchase Anderson’s book as an eBook or paperback on and, also, at local book sellers. Read an excerpt at


  • Paperback: 190 pages
  • Publisher: TyMAC books (June 8, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0978637836
  • ISBN-13: 978-0978637835



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