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*(Via Newsy) – For anyone who’s wished they could binge-watch all the videos they want on YouTube without having to deal with ads, well, the video giant may soon be offering you a solution.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki revealed at Re/code’s Code/Mobile conference on Monday that the site is experimenting with an ad-free subscription model.

Wojcicki’s idea here seems to be providing an alternative. Right now, YouTube makes billions thanks to those ads — thanks to that model, the site grew to the size it is today.

But speaking to Re/code, Wojcicki says: “There’s going to be a point where people don’t want to see the ads. [Consumers] will either choose ads, or pay a fee, which is an interesting model.”

While a way to escape ads may seem like something to look forward to, if you’re willing to pay, a writer at Business Insider says it could actually lead to nonsubscription users seeing more ads.

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