OWN's Sweetie Pie's Named In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

*Sweetie Pies, the St. Louis restaurant, that’s also featured on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN, finds itself the subject of a lawsuit by a former employee.

According to a stltoday.com report, Veronica Tate filed discrimination suit against the business in U.S. District Court in St. Louis.

Tate, who worked for one week in October 2012 at the restaurant, claims in her lawsuit that she was subjected to constant sexual advances from “Ike,” who touched her, bumped into her and made sexually explicit comments to her.

Further, she says that when she brought the situation to the management’s attention, she was told, “That’s Ike. That’s how he is.”

After further complaints, Tate said she was told to leave the restaurant and go see the company’s business manager, Charles Bussey. She said Bussey offered her a job at another location but then never got back to her.

Well, Ms. Tate didn’t wait any longer for Sweetie Pies to do something about the situation. In February of 2013, Tate filed a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Commission. The federal suit was filed Tuesday, and Tate is asking for a jury trial.

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(OWN’s Sweetie Pie’s Named In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit )